Generic measurement, control and communication solution for tomorrow's power grid.



Our energy world is increasingly transforming itself into a highly dynamic decentralised system, which is presenting local electricity networks in particular with new challenges. In addition, the merging of consumer and producer demands new business models. Both challenges require new information and a targeted handling of data. Therefore, the digitalization of power grids is essential.

We have set ourselves the goal of using our technology to accompany the grid operator on their way to a decentralised energy future so that they can ensure a reliable and economical operation of power grids tomorrow.



Network status at any time.


Access data and make reasoned decisions.


Optimal network utilization by using autonomous control algorithm. 

The SMARTBOX technology offers a comprehensive platform for modern distribution network management. As a coordinated and distributed solution, it ensures secure and economical network operation. The flexible measurement, control and communication system allows for continuous and rapid adaptation to new business models and future regulatory requirements.