"GridBox" is a holistic smart grid concept for the distribution grid level. It is based on measuring and control devices, which are distributed in the grid and represent a comprehensive and flexible platform for applications in the distribution grid.

The concept was developed as part of two projects supported by the BFE together with partners ewz and BKW. The "GridBox Pilot Network" is a real implementation of the essential parts of the GridBox concept in terms of a "proof of concept" in two field test regions in the canton of Berne and in the city of Zurich (voltage levels N5 and N7).

As part of the "GridBox Pilot Network", the technological platform was developed and rolled out by the two grid operators and operated for one year. On the other hand, algorithms were developed and demonstrated in campaigns to determine the grid condition, to ensure grid stability and to maintain power quality. In addition, extensive analyses of the data material were carried out and solid practical experience gained in the area of installation and Prosumer interfaces.
The GridBox project has shown that regional optimization (multi-location and multi-objective optimization) works successfully with a distributed and communicating system approach.